Copper Swirls and Rockin Baby Girls


Hammered Copper Swirl Earrings

Hammered Copper Swirl Earrings

I have seen these earrings on Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook and a partridge in a pear tree, but I’ve never been able to find a tutorial on how they are made.

So I just sat down and figured it out.

(It is going to either amaze you or tick you off how simple this is, too!)


Two 3-inch pieces of 14 gauge copper wire

12 inches of 22 gauge sterling silver wire

Two 6mm sterling round beads


Chasing Hammer

Bench block

Needle nosed pliers

Round nosed pliers

A little forming, hammering, wrapping, and polishing, and I was able to bang these puppies out in less than an hour.

Zoë loves to hammer, so I typically form the metal while she puts in her ear plugs, and then I let her pound away. We are hoping to sell a cool million of these for our fundraiser, they are so cute and super lightweight. What do you think, about $15? Any suggestions or comments are welcome, as long as they are kind-ish.

Zoë has high hopes and huge dreams for this fundraiser. Not only does she hope to raise the $1,500 for Zion’s insurance policy, but she also wants to pay expenses for other children with Autism, too.

I hate that she has had to grow up so quickly, but I love the sweet and compassionate heart and spirit she has developed from growing up as the big sister of a little brother with Autism.

Her childhood was snatched away too quickly by adult-like worries and conversations. But I am proud that she is able to face the adversity with the heart of a warrior, instead of the self-pity of a victim.

Support Zoë’s cause by purchasing our jewelry here:

Xoxo Angie & Zoë

Team Zion...Zoë and Mama!

Team Zion…Zoë and Mama!


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