30 Questions about Autism

Why does my child cover his ears every time I turn on my turn signal?

Why does he line up shoes through the house end to end?

What am I going to do when he’s 15 and bigger than me and is strong enough to hurt someone?

I love French fries as much as the next person, but how can he want them every second of every day?

What is it about Ratatouille that is still funny enough to fall down laughing after 100 trillion views?

What does he really hear when I’m yelling out of frustration?

Does he comprehend one ounce of how much I love and sacrifice for him?

Why doesn’t spinning make him dizzy?

How can he eat that many gummy bears without projectile vomiting?

Why does he have Autism but my daughter doesn’t?

Did I do or ingest something to cause it?

Is his squealing and chirping simply uncontainable joy?

Does he really think asking me the same question 50 times will elicit a different response?

Why would he rather play with a tampon and a rubber band than that $50 wood puzzle I bought him?

Could he possibly spread any more Cheetos dust on clothing and furniture?

How is it possible to be entertained by blowing out the same re-lit candle 100 times?

Why is he so mesmerized at the beach? (In fairness though, aren’t we all?)

Why does everything in this house have to be on the floor?

What is the fascination with peeing on the plants in our backyard?

Will Walt Disney ever know the fresh hell his movies are to my ears?

Why won’t he eat deliciously prepared food but will eat paper or a live ant?

What does he see when he stares up at that same space on our living room wall?

What satisfaction is gained from flushing large items down the toilet?

Is his aversion to affection due to dislike of it, or sheer overwhelming love?

Is it really necessary to eat every marshmallow out of the Lucky Charms?

Will he ever understand how much I die inside every time he pulls away from me?

Do mothers of neurotypical kids understand how much it hurts me to come to their birthday parties?

Why would he rather play with a gutter downspout than other children?

Why does he turn the TV volume up to 100 but then cover his ears?

Fast forward 50 years: who is caring for these 1 in 67 children now being diagnosed with Autism?

We need to start finding answers to these questions….NOW.


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