You’ve Got a Friend

Young woman screaming behind cracked glass

Last Monday we received our latest blow in the battle for Zion.

When I got home from work, there was a letter in the mail regarding Zion’s secondary insurance.

It stated that they will be reducing the number of hours per week he can receive ABA therapy.


That was it for me.  

In that moment I did something I never, ever do.

I ranted on social media.

Much like I did in my blog post….just the day before.

I went off about how much I work, how much I sacrifice, the blood…the sweat…the tears.  The exasperation was almost palpable.  I was just fed up.

But then something amazing happened.

I received a private message on Facebook.  Then another.  And another.

My phone started ringing.

The text messages started rolling in like waves.

Person after person was offering their hand to help us.

Some people offered meals.  Others offered respite care.  One person offered his legal ear.  Another offered yard work.  Another person has a sister who is a social security attorney.  Some friends from high school offered to gather and help us make jewelry for our fundraiser.  Others gave financially to an online fundraiser that has been set up by family.

And as I sat there in my pain, wondering what the future would hold for my son, I realized…

people will offer their help only when they know there is a need.

They are not mind readers.  And I am not a martyr.

From now on when I need help, I need to make that need known.

Though it will not solve every financial burden or magically give Zion everything he needs forever, most people are good by nature.  They want to help, even if they can’t do so financially.  People want to give, and make things better for others who are hurting.  It is in our nature.

My Facebook meltdown also created the opportunity for me to connect with other families struggling with Autism and insurance coverage.  

This affords me the opportunity to give.

Though I cannot do so financially, I can offer my experience and guidance to families newly diagnosed with Autism.

Because the best way to forget your own pain is to help someone else through theirs.






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