Dear ex-Facebook friend

Dear ex-Facebook “friend,”

I have over 600 “friends” on Facebook now.

Good people.

Different people.

Diverse people.

These people aren’t strangers to me. I try to make sure I have at least met people in person that I allow into my social media circle. So those are 600+ people that I know from high school, college, work, fundraisers, and actual live social circles.

So the worst part of deleting you is that I actually know you.

I don’t always agree with the things I see in my Facebook feed. And that’s okay. If I don’t like it, I just keep scrolling. Please feel free to rant about your causes. Say what you like about public school and taxes and abusers of government assistance. I couldn’t care less about your political or religious views, but I support your right to express them. You can blather on about your small business all day long, and I promise not to block you.

I celebrate diversity.

What I cannot support and will never, ever support is blatant and outright ignorance.

So when I see you post something about how the person who cut in front of you in line is a “retard,” (or worse, a “f&$ktard,”) and beyond that, a “window licker”….

Guess what? That’s ignorance. And you just broadcasted it to the world wide web.

You have now crossed over the line from expressing your opinion, to revealing your true character…the person you are in your heart. Therefore, it is an embarrassment to me and everyone on your “friends” list to even have you listed. I will not allow my name to be associated with you in any way.

Please, I beg of you to attempt to explain to me how a college educated, professional, grown man can justify calling someone a “window licker.”

That’s not even clever.

It’s just mean. It’s nothing more than immature, junior-high foolishness.

Let me tell you a little something about my son.

The autism causes him to be sensory. That means he is stimulated by pressure, temperature and activity. Otherwise, he feels nothing.

So when he hugs, he has to hug hard.

When he moves, it has to be jumping or falling or running. Bigger. Faster. Higher.

And when he feels a cold piece of glass, such as a window, it feels good to him to press his cheek up to it, or lick it. He doesn’t know that isn’t socially acceptable, and what’s more, he doesn’t care.

So to have you turn something that brings him pleasure into an insult…you sir, are the worst kind of person.

You are a bully. An overgrown 12 year old.

So for posting such filth, you are now blocked, unfriended, and messaged with a scathing paragraph from yours truly.

But to tell you the truth, you’re getting the easy way out. What you just experienced is likened to me pressing “end call” on an iPhone.

As a mama bear, what I really want to do is slam down the 1970’s style receiver 14 times, rip the cord from the wall, throw the phone across the room, and then come to your house and clobber you with it.

But that would make me no better than you.

That is all.





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