Bye bye 2017

Bye bye 2017…

cue the confetti, champagne…and that old Dan Fogelberg song when he runs into his ex in the grocery store.

Because that’s what I’m visualizing and hearing in my head as I write this.

I noticed about a week ago that some friends were posting their best nine photos from 2017…so I started to sort through mine.

Yes, I’m several days late.

But it was almost impossible to narrow all of my photos down to my favorite nine.

I am not a person who shares 218 photos of my vacation.

Or my dinner.

I typically only keep a few photos of an event. And when I post on social media, it is usually only one photo.

Because I try to choose the best one.

The most representational one.

The most sentimental one…

The most significant one.

So choosing my best nine photos was like trying to pick my favorite child.

After looking through all of those memories, my heart was quite big…and sore.

Here’s why.

There is one incredibly significant person missing from this 2017 collage, because it was time to say goodbye.

Think back over your lifetime.

Don’t certain years seem to have themes?

Mine sure do.

2017 taught me several very important lessons:

1.While I can’t control someone else’s behavior or choices, I most certainly can control my participation in it.

Let that sink in.

2. Some people come into our lives for just a season. Seasonal people teach us lessons we need to learn…to help us grow.

To change something in us.

To bring something long missed or much needed into our lives.

And then they move on.

These people are your seasonals.

3. Conversely, some people come into our lives and stay there forever.

These people are permanent.

The ones who will be cheering when you get your diploma.

The ones who will be standing next to you when you get married.

The ones who will be sitting anxiously in the waiting room when you’re having surgery.

The ones who will be holding you like a baby when you’re sobbing over your broken heart.

The ones who will be mourning with you when a parent dies.

These people aren’t going anywhere…no matter what.

These people are your forevers.

4. We cause ourselves the most unnecessary pain and suffering when we try to turn a seasonal person into a forever.

Think about it.

How many times have you set fire to years of your life by hanging onto something that you should have just let go?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just accept that a person’s season is just over…and it’s time to say goodbye.

And how liberating to learn that holding onto that rope with a death grip causes much more damage than just releasing it altogether.

Happy 2018, y’all. Cheers to releasing your seasonals when it’s needed, and finding your forevers.

These are a few of mine.



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