My name is Zoe. I am 14 years old. When I was 10, I started making jewelry with my mama to raise money to help my little brother, Zion.

Zion has Autism. Zoe’s Starfish was my idea to raise the money to help buy him an insurance policy.

My mama, Angie, writes this blog every Sunday morning before Zion and I wake up. She writes to share stories about Zion, increase autism awareness, and to create a community of people who know they have support and are not alone.

Are you wondering about the name Zoe’s Starfish? Let me tell you the story.

When I was very little, my mom told me a story about a child running along the beach and throwing starfish back into the ocean. Someone stopped and asked the child why, and that it was impossible to save all the starfish and wouldn’t matter in the end. The child threw another starfish into the ocean and said “It matters to this one.”

Zion is my starfish. When you buy the bracelets and necklaces we make, the money is used to sustain my family. When you read my mama’s blog, I hope it will inspire you and that you will share it with others.

We are in the process of adding resources to this site every day, for families just like us.  Please support families living with autism.  And let us know how we can support you in return. We are happy to contribute to charity fundraisers and causes.

You can shop our jewelry line here:


Thanks for checking us out!
Zoe 🙂



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